‘Uninspiring Vista’

Ironically, playing around with Vista for more than a month has done what years of experience and exhortations from Mac-loving friends could not: it has converted me into a Mac fan.


Struggling to get my computer to do the most basic things reminded me forcefully of similar battles with previous versions of Windows — for instance, the time an MIT electrical engineer had to help me figure out how to get my computer to display anything on my monitor after I upgraded to Windows 98. Playing with OS X Tiger in order to make accurate comparisons for this review, I had a personal epiphany: Windows is complicated. Macs are simple.

Erica Jonietz, editora sênior da revista MIT Technology Review, explicando em seu artigo como o Windows Vista a tornou uma ardorosa fã — e usuária — do Mac OS X.


[via Tuaw]

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