Apple encerrará rede de publicidade da Quattro Wireless em prol da plataforma iAd

Logo da Quattro Wireless

Sete meses depois de adquirir a firma de publicidade móvel Quattro Wireless, a Apple disparou hoje um email para desenvolvedores e anunciantes revelando que encerrará as atividades da rede dela em breve. Novas campanhas não são mais aceitas e, a partir de 30 de setembro, o foco da companhia será todo na plataforma iAd.


Logo da Quattro Wireless

Na carta, a Apple destaca os feedbacks positivos que tem recebido da iAd [1, 2], porém mascara o lado negativo da coisa [1, 2, 3], é claro. Recentemente, ela expandiu o programa também para apps de desenvolvedores.

Confira o email enviado pela empresa, na íntegra (em inglês):

About Quattro Wireless and the iAd Network

Since the launch of the iAd Network just over a month ago, advertisers and developers have been telling us how much they love this powerful new way to reach iPhone and iPod touch users right in their favorite apps.

iAds are captivating viewers with high-quality video and rich media experiences, engaging customers like never before and already delivering dramatic results. Advertisers are seeing a huge spike in the amount of time customers spend watching and interacting with ads, making them more comparable to television advertising than traditional online ads, and developers are thrilled with this new source of revenue.

We believe iAd is the best mobile ad network in the world, and starting next month we’re going to focus all of our resources on the iAd advertising platform. We are no longer accepting new campaigns for the Quattro Wireless Network, and we will soon begin winding down existing campaigns. As of September 30, we will support ads exclusively for the iAd Network.

Advertisers can learn more about iAd here. If you are a developer, find out how to generate revenue and promote your apps using iAd here.

We look forward to working with you on this incredible new opportunity in mobile advertising. If you are a current Quattro Wireless developer or advertiser and have questions about this change, please contact your account manager.

Andy Miller
Vice President, iAd
Apple Inc.

[via MacDailyNews]

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