Em seu novo relatório, Apple divulgou lista completa de fornecedoras e anunciou parceria com a Fair Labor Association [atualizado]

Trabalhadores em fábricas de parceiras da Apple

Hoje mais cedo, noticiamos que a Apple atualizou sua página sobre responsabilidade com fornecedoras, mas o TNW observou algo muito interessante por lá: pela primeira vez, a empresa divulgou a lista completa de suas parceiras.


Trabalhadores em fábricas de parceiras da Apple

Você pode conferir a lista completa neste PDF, a qual inclui nomes como AMD, AU Optronics, Broadcom Corporation, Catcher Technology, Chimei Innolux, Cypress Semiconductor, Dynapack International Technology, Flextronics International, Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Hon Hai Precision Industry, Infineon Technologies, Intel Corporation, LG Display, Micron Technology, NEC Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Pegatron Corporation, Pioneer Material Precision Tech, Qualcomm Incorporated, Quanta Computer, Samsung Electronics, SanDisk Corporation, SANYO Electric, Seagate Technologies, Seiko Group, Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, TDK Corporation, Texas Instruments, Toshiba Corporation, TPK Holding, Volex, Western Digital Corporation, Wintek Corporation e muitos outros, totalizando 156.

Apesar de o relatório completo para 2012 estar disponível neste outro PDF, a Apple também veiculou os destaques dele numa página separada. Entre os itens, ela afirma que realizou 80% mais auditorias em 2011 do que em 2010, totalizando 229 no total. A Apple também está trabalhando duro para oferecer mais treinamentos e ensino para os trabalhadores de fábricas parceiras, bem como luta ao máximo para erradicar o trabalho infantil. “Nós encontramos algumas violações e trabalhamos com nossas fornecedoras para corrigir os problemas”, disse a Apple.

O relatório também revelou, segundo destacou a Bloomberg, que a Apple firmou recentemente uma parceria com a Fair Labor Association a fim de melhor monitorar as condições de trabalho em todas essas empresas. A FLA publicou inclusive um comunicado para a imprensa [PDF] confirmando a novidade, trazendo uma citação de Jeff Williams, vice-presidente de operações da Apple.


O CEO da Apple, Tim Cook, disparou um email para empregados sobre o assunto:



We’ve just released our sixth annual update on conditions in Apple’s supply chain, and I want to personally share some of the results with you.

We insist that our manufacturing partners follow Apple’s strict code of conduct, and to make sure they do, the Supplier Responsibility team led more than 200 audits at facilities throughout our supply chain last year. These audits make sure that working conditions are safe and just, and if a manufacturer won’t live up to our standards, we stop working with them.

Thanks to our supplier responsibility program, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in hiring practices by our suppliers. To prevent the use of underage labor, our team interviews workers, checks employment records and audits the age verification systems our suppliers use. These efforts have been very successful and, as a result, cases of underage labor were down sharply from last year. We found no underage workers at our final assembly suppliers, and we will not rest until the number is zero everywhere.

We’ve also used our influence to substantially improve living conditions for the people who make our products. Apple set a new standard for suppliers who offer employee housing, to ensure that dormitories are comfortable and safe. To meet our requirements, many suppliers have renovated their dorms or built new ones altogether.

Finding and correcting problems is not enough. Our team has built an ambitious training program to educate workers about Apple’s code of conduct, workers’ rights, and occupational health and safety. More than one million people know about these rights because they went to work for an Apple supplier. Additionally, Apple offers continuing education programs free of charge at many manufacturing sites in China. More than 60,000 workers have enrolled in classes to learn business, entrepreneurial skills or English.

Finally, we are taking a big step today toward greater transparency and independent oversight of our supply chain by joining the Fair Labor Association. The FLA is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving conditions for workers around the world, and we are the first technology company they’ve approved for membership. The FLA’s auditing team will have direct access to our supply chain and they will report their findings independently on their website.

No one in our industry is driving improvements for workers the way Apple is today. I encourage you to take some time to read more about these efforts, so that you can be as proud of Apple’s contributions in this area as I am. The details are online now at apple.com/supplierresponsibility.


Bem bacana, esse nível de preocupação.

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